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About Us


I’m Greg Mack and I own and operate Mack Painting as I have since 2001 when I moved from Long Island to Vermont.

After painting each summer through college at Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont, I returned to Long Island in 1998. It was then and for the next several years, that I had the opportunity to learn the trade from the bottom up while working on some of the nicest homes on Long Island’s North Shore.

It is that experience, a strong intuition for what is important to our customers, and an unyielding drive to do the right thing on a daily basis which make me the person our customers know today.

While I drive what Mack Painting is as a company there is no way I could do it alone. I’m lucky to have employees who are among the best in the state. They take pride in a job well done, work very hard, and are easy to have in and around your home.

Hiring Mack Painting for your next project is the best choice you can make. Others feel the same way. I look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Mack
President, Mack Painting