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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Mack Painting licensed and Insured?

A: Though Vermont does not require a license for paint contractors, we wish it did. We carry both Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance policies. We are proud to say we’ve never had to put in a claim in on either but they are on place for everyone’s protection. We encourage you to ask this question of any single person or business you are thinking about hiring to work on your home or project.

Q: We got three estimates and Mack Painting was the most expensive. Why?

A: We strive to price ourselves competitively with other reputable companies but will not try to compete on price with anything less than the best. Any painter we put on your site will be well-trained, skilled, personable, fully-insured and a non-smoker. We feel we are putting great people on your project and giving them the tools to do a great job for you. Quality, especially in painting, takes time and time costs money. We hope you’ll see a greater value in what we offer.

Q: What are your estimates based on? Do you work by the hour or fixed price?

A: Most everything we do is based, in one way or another, on a simple time plus materials model and we are comfortable working on an hourly basis or a fixed price on most projects. We don’t work hourly with a cap.

Q: Why do I often see the Mack Painting van parked outside the Laundromat in Williston?

A: O.K., we confess – Nobody’s ever asked that question. We just wanted to tell you about something we do to keep your home clean while we work… We launder our drop cloths on a reqular and as-needed basis to keep them presentable and clean. Sometimes drop cloths get dirty. We don’t think you’d appreciate us bringing other people’s dirt into your home!

Q: Will you be on the job?

A: This is usually asked of the owner at the time of the estimate. Greg may or may not work on your project but will always have a presence. When you hire Mack Painting you are not hiring an individual but rather a company with an “Owner, Foreman, Painter” structure in place. We will put the proper amount of skilled labor on your project.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.